• M.H.M. Study

    Mobility Hypertension Management Study - (M.H.M. Study)

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    Foundation-Medical Research Institutes -
    FMRI®. Switzerland
    International Society of Vascular Health - ISVH®. France
    e-CoreLab®. France
    Meta-analysis showed that BP telemonitoring improves hypertension control and associated healthcare outcomes. Recently, a specific telehealth solution for hypertension management has been developed in France (Hypertension Monitor – e-CoreLab®). The present prospective study aims to assess the efficacy of using the telehealth solution “Hypertension Monitor” in patients with hypertension by comparison to the standard care. This is a multicentre, international, prospective study performed in 20 centres from 16 counties.
  • A.A.A. Study

    The study "Advanced Approach to Arterial Stiffness" - (AAA Study - "Triple A Study")

    The Triple A study has been initiated by the ISVH. The aim of this study is to assess the role of MetS and its components on the arterial mechanics and vascular health in different age groups using the Cardio Ankle Vascular Index (CAVI) of the Vasera system and the "classic" carotid-femoral Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV).

    This is a multinational European prospective longitudinal study with two scheduled visits: Baseline and after 2 years' follow-up +/- 12 weeks' window. A total of 2000 patients had to be included. The study started by the end of 2014.

    The inclusion period of the study has been completed by the end of 2015. 30 centers from 18 countries included 2348 patients. The results of the baseline measurements have been analysed and presented at the European Society of Hypertension meeting in 2017, and at the European Society of Cardiology meeting.
Previous News
  • NOVEMBER 2013

    A studious and dynamic year in North Africa and in the Middle-East for ISVH

    Endorsed by the ISVH, the Foundation-Medical Research Institutes has organized several meetings of CME in Beirut, Istanbul and Casablanca. These meetings had a great success and a numerous audience and were all rewarded by excellent overall assessments. Detailed program, evalutations.
  • MAY 2013

    A joint Session ISVH-Eastern Countries & Russian Association of Specialists in Functional Diagnostics (RASFD)

    It took place at the Krokus Expo – Moscow, RUSSIA, on Thursday May 30th, 2013. ARTERIAL STIFFNESS: METHODS OF EVALUATION AND CLINICAL APPLICATION Chairmen: ROGOZA A (Russia), BENETOS A. (France) Speakers: BENETOS A. (France), ASMAR R. (France), KOTOVSKAYA Y. (Russia), ROGOZA A. (Russia), ZELVEIAN P. (Armenia), TOPOUCHIAN J. (France). Detailed program, minutes (in russian) and photos.
  • MARCH 2011

    Establishment of the ISVH-Eastern Europe Countries

    Because of the growing interest in the vascular field in the Eastern European countries and to continue its regional development, the ISVH is willing to develop an "ISVH branch" subsidiary in the Eastern Europe countries. This would be done according to the same model of the other subsidiaries already developed mainly in Asia and Australia.
  • June 2010

    The 7th Chinese Annual Meeting of Vascular Disease and Arterial Function & The 5th International Forum of Vascular Medicine

    Beijing in June 25-27, 2010
    The Seventh Chinese annual conference of vascular disease and artery function & The Fifth Asian-Pacific Congress of International Society of Vascular Health(ISVH) will be held in Beijing in June 25-27,2010. Like previous meetings,the scientific program of this 5th annual meeting will continue the tradition of high quality scientific program related to basic and clinical applications.
  • June 2010

    The 20th European Meeting on Hypertension

    Oslo, Norway, June 18-21, 2010
    The 20th Scientific Meeting of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) which will take place in Oslo, Norway, June 18-21, 2010. A major proportion of the program will be based on original research with oral and poster presentations which will be selected from the large number of abstracts submitted by the participants, based on the.
  • June 2009

    The 6th Chinese Annual Meeting of Vascular Disease and Arterial Function The 4th Asian-Pacific Congress of International Society of Vascular Health

    Beijing in June 22-28th, 2009
    First Announcement The 6th Chinese Annual Meeting of Vascular Disease and Arterial Function and the 4th Asian-Pacific Congress of International Society of Vascular Health will be held in Guangzhou,Guiyang and Beijing on June 22-28th,2009.This meeting is co-organized by the International Society for Vascular Health Chinese Branch (ISVH China),Chinese Social Worker’s Association Vascular Protection Committee,Peking University.
  • May 2009

    2nd ISVH/ASH Session at ASH, San Francisco, May 8th 2009

    Friday, May 8th, 2009
    At the 24th ASH Annual Scientific Meeting Friday, May 8th, 2009 Arterial evaluation. Clinically relevant? Joint Session At the 24th ASH Annual Scientific Meeting, San Francisco Marriott Friday May 8th 2009 Chairpersons: Pr. Joseph IZZO (USA) Pr. Roland Asmar (France).
  • April 2009

    ISVH – Press Release

    St. Cloud, France, April 23, 2009
    Contact: Ty-Minh Tan +41-79-457-5079 ISVH EXPANDS GLOBAL REACH WITH NEW WEBSITE, NEW OFFICES AND INCREASED INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS St. Cloud, France, April 23 – The International Society of Vascular Health (ISVH) announces the launch of a new state-of-the-art website, new offices in France and upcoming international meetings. ISVH increases its global reach with virtual services.
  • March 2009

    Opened Two New Offices on 1st of March 2009

    From March 2009, ISVH is pleased to infom you that it will occupy new premises, with a dedicated staff, at: Building H 326 Bureaux de la Colline 92213 St. Cloud cedex France Tel: 331 74710362 Fax: 331 72349222 email: A new office in New York is also in process and will be announced shortly.
  • AUGUST 2008

    ISVH Inaugurates Australasian Operations

    Adelaide, from 6th to 7th August 2008
    The first Australasian regional meeting of ISVH was held in Adelaide from 6th to 7th August 2008. The President of ISVH Australasia is Professor James Cameron (Melbourne, Australia) and the Secretary is Bronwyn Kingwell (Melbourne, Australia). Among a variety of topics actively debated was "Is there a place for assessing arterial mechanics/functions in clinical medicine?"